View Full Version : Tried Everything...please help.

03-18-06, 06:39 PM
Hello folks...here is the problem. Basically I play World Of Warcraft alot and have all of a sudden since moving house been getting crashes. sometimes these are crashes to desktop and sometimes blue screens of death and restarts. This has also happened in some other games...all since moving house.
I tried a virus scan...spyware scan...defrag....diskchk...bios settings....changing vid card driver...sound card driver...taking memory out, both sticks and moving them about...ive also re-installed windows and formatted my hard-drive..
Im not sure what else to do. all I can think of is a faulty graphics card or PSU. the PSU is only 2 months old though and 480 Watt.
I would really appreciate any help with this.
Many thanks

03-18-06, 07:17 PM
If you suspect the PSU you might want to invest ($15~$20USD) in a PSU tester. Or, if you have any friends with similar components...might be worth switching those in place of yours and see if the problem persists. Since a move was involved, it probably would be worth double/triple checking every connection of any kind in your PC. Good luck!

03-18-06, 08:14 PM
The way you describe the crashes ,it sounds like a Power Supply problem ,todays graphics cards takes a lot of power ,the 12v rail being the most important,it needs to have to have 20amps or better for newer cards and SLI systems need 30 amps and better.I had a antec Truepower supply that when I played graphic intence games it would freeze ,reboot and while playing a game just drop out of the game and go back to windows,so if you have another power supply you may want to check that out.

03-19-06, 03:18 AM
yes I can do. I swapped graphics cards with a friend only to find the Gainward didnt fit in his computer because the IDE cable was situated too close to the AGP slot. it would surprise me if it was the PSU but ive got to give it a go, my current one is a very expensive one however so i would be most disappointed if this was the cause

03-19-06, 03:25 AM
1 more thing I might add is that it doesnt seem to do it outside of games, if this is a PSU issue would it still crash outside of games? another strange observation is that when before I moved the memory around it was crashing every 10 mins, I took one slot out and it continued to crash, i swapped this stick with the one i took out and it didnt crash at all...the one I took out I put in another computer and that didnt seem to crash....so i put it back in and it just crashes less often now...so I took it out to the set up where it didnt crash at all and it still crashes! many thanks if 1. you can get your head round what ive just said and 2. for reading it :)