View Full Version : [84.21] Clean install with Driver Cleaner or "on-top" installation?

03-19-06, 04:11 AM

As a longtime ATI user I'm not quite sure how to install a new set of ForceWare drivers " the right way". With ATI I remember that even Terry said that "on-top" is the way he does it and that it's completely OK to do it that way.

So, what do you say? Should I simply uninstall, reboot and then install the 84.21's? Or should I go into safe mode, use Driver Cleaner and do it the "cleaner" way?

Thanks a lot!

PS. I didn't find a FAQ covering this...

03-19-06, 04:13 AM
If your running a fresh XP install then just run the the driver in - forget DC.

If your removing an ATI card and installing an NVIDIA one then I would use DC.

Enjoy your NV card!!!

03-19-06, 04:19 AM

Thanks for a very fast reply!

I had an X800XL card until September and when I got my 7800GT I used Driver Cleaner, ran it and even cleaned my .cab-files. Then I installed the latest ForeceWare (at the time) and haven't changed drivers since then.

Would you consider this a fresh XP install?

(Actually I'm thinking about doing a complete reinstall in the next couple of days but would love it if Nvidia would release new Nforce4-drivers as well)

03-19-06, 05:21 AM
Well, I would personally use Driver Cleaner if going over from an ATI card just to be safe.

A fresh XP install means formatting the hard drive and reinstalling the entire Windows setup.

03-19-06, 06:41 AM
Switching over you want to use driver cleaner. If your not switching over you can always do over the top of driver installs, if you run into issues doing it, then you use driver cleaner. Fresh installs just help push unhindered performance by having a clean registry. So if your trying to get every single frame possible, you go with a fresh install. My current install is a mess and i still get a great gaming experiance. But for instance if there is a game that taxes my system far to much, i will always write my hd to zeros and then reinstall windows and just the basics and THAT game.

hope my post helps you understand that fresh installs arent always needed nor is driver cleaner, but they help when you run into issues. this is why alot of people use driver cleaner in advance just to make sure they do NOT run into any issues.

03-20-06, 10:37 AM
I mainly use DC when I'm reverting back to a driver, not forward. I think it's okay to do over-the-top installs as long as you are installing a newer driver version. I may be wrong on this, but I've never rebooted into Safe Mode when using DC and that includes running the cab cleaner too. Should I?

03-20-06, 05:41 PM
I actually purchased the Premium version of DC, entered Safe mode and cleaned everything up. I got a nice speed increase and everything seems a lot smoother now, especially AOEIII. You gotta love it :)

03-21-06, 05:43 AM
No need to use Driver Cleaner for NVIDIA ForceWare. They clean the stuff by themself, so you can just install on top of the old ones.
ATi Catalyst are still behaving like pig and they require cleaning with DC Pro to avoid slowdowns and conflicts...