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03-20-06, 12:02 PM
alright this is a hard one, because of my custom case I now have sort of a heat issue.
my temps idle:

System temp ~50
GPU - ~49


cpu 40-49
system temp 55
GPU 55-60


now my question is based on my components in my sig, which i will probably replace in 2-3 years

do you think my computers fine for 2-3 years at those temps, or do think there way to high something might burn out in that time peiod?

the cpu and gpu are well withing range, the system temp is high but doesnt casue any crashes, im crash free actually just a little worried

also my hard drives might be running at temps of 60 or so, hard to tell, there smashed together with no airflow, but again no problems thus far

for more clarification see attached picture:
6.9inches x 12 inches x 5.25 inches

hard dirives are right below the big heatsync on the mobo, which menas that mobo system temps probably giving me close to the temp of my hard drives

*note all my stuffs overclocked

Son Goku
03-20-06, 12:25 PM
You're case temp is a hell of a lot hotter then I would ever tollerate the thing, but what I'm wondering is where the hell this heat is going? I mean, by your own statement, the CPU and the GPU is running colder then the case itself...

If your setup is exhausting the heat directly outside the case with some form of refrigeration, rather then inside, OK, maybe... But then how's the heat accumulating inside the case? On the other hand, if the heat is being exhausted inside the case, how's the CPU and GPU running colder then the ambeint temperature the heat is being removed into? Something just doesn't seem to add up wrt the laws of thermodynamics :D

Assuming those readings are real, and not the result of some botched up measurements being done, either by the system BIOS, your software, or whatever, some method of heat dissipation outside the case would be good. 35 C CPU would be by no means bad, if all those numbers looked, well possible. Anyone?

03-20-06, 12:30 PM
alright the psu intake and vent are on the outside of the case so thats out of the picture

and if you look at the picture youll see the 3 hard drives sitting together and under them is the motheboard where the northbridge? i think sits and im assuming thats where the temp probe is for the mobo, because that spot has no airflow then i can see it getting 50-60c, above that is the graphics card which is a nice little barrior and above them are the pci cards fans and radiators which vent strait up, so hopefully its pulling some air around the pcie card and out the top sense the rest is somewhat sealed, but not as much as i hoped, one problem is that air is heated so when it hits the radiators theres not much of a heat trade but i cant do much about that

also im using a non conducitng fluid in the water cooling
the gpu and cpu are watercooled

also look at the pic I made the case so its the depth of a cd drive so everythings packed in there

my ram oh who knows whats goen on with that temp wise but again no crashed just somewhat high temps

note my avatar is a pic of the backend of the computer lol

Son Goku
03-20-06, 12:57 PM
Actually, my point is that heat is being taken away from the CPU and GPU, aka 2 main sources of heat... Heat tends to dissipate from areas of high concentration (the main sources aka the CPU and GPU) to areas of low... The numbers are well, counter-intuitive, and tend to go counter to what one would expect, given that it's showing the heat sources as being cooler...

You might put a fan there, but the thing is, I'm not sure if your motherboard is reading the temperatures correctly. Those censors are not always that accurate, and some BIOS's on some A64 systems (sorry, can't make out your mobo from your sig there) did give some whacked out temp readings for which a BIOS update was presented. No idea if this could be happening in your case.

My first piece of advise, would be to not take the motherboard readings as gospel truth, and instead if you have access to a thermocouple, meausre the temps yourself... See if you can independently confirm what the board is saying, or not...

03-20-06, 01:54 PM
getting a little off topic but like ive said before watercooling!

so the heats taken off the cpu and gpu and blow right out the top throught the radiators, and where the systemp temp probe is has no airflow so its running hot, and it has 3 hard drives on it