View Full Version : PS3 the most powerful home console but for how long?

03-21-06, 02:37 AM
I just thought of something tonight.
The life cycle of the playstation 2 was 6 years ( playstation 3 in november )

but xbox only 4 years. If microsoft keep the same life cycle for the 360 the playstation 3 will be in his 3rd year when the next gen xbox come out.

so if you look at it this way

when xbox 3 come out playstation 3 will look out dated for the next 3 years.

when the playstation 4 will be out the xbox 3 will be out dated for only one year.

Wonder if its microsoft plan. in the next gen they will be so much more powerful and for a long time too

by the way Im drunk and my english suck tonight so have mercy lol

03-21-06, 02:45 AM
Considering the cost of development this generation, if MS were to release a new console so soon they would be in a world of hurt from developer support. Developers like sony because they support their old consoles even after their new ones are released so if the developer wants to wait a year (or even two, PSX lasted 4 years after the PS2, games released till 2004) before moving to the PS3 they wont be hurt much...

03-21-06, 06:15 AM
yeah i doubt the cycle will be the same this time around due to developer support. they probably wont maximize usage of the 360 capibilities until its 3rd year or so, ps3 will probably be even longer. thats why MS coming out with a handheld in the next couple of years might be likely, atleast in my opinion.

fact is, next generation, games will take longer and require more money to make. (not saying the learning curve cant catch up to the development curve so games will be made more efficient in the future)