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Shinri Hikari
01-26-03, 11:18 AM
Just dropping a line about starfleet command III

Would like to know if i am not alone...:cool:

01-26-03, 12:03 PM
I played for weeks until I noticed the unexcusable number of bugs in the game. Unable to finish the Klingon Campiagn due to the missions not being advanced to me. Unable to finish the Romulan Campaign without having to start over due to the inability to fix my ship between missions. Unable to play online due to being behind a router. I gave up and uninstalled. Perhaps when the next patch comes out that will fix the 120+ bugs in the game, I shall re-attempt. Extremely fun, though. I love the game.

01-26-03, 12:51 PM
Same here. I had to restart a whole campaign because a mission I was supposed to do vanished after I quit and loaded my saved game.

Shinri Hikari
01-26-03, 03:57 PM
Beta Patch at
I've tested it alittle and loaded dx9 with no problems yet...

01-27-03, 01:56 PM
Have it to , have playd it for few weeks and got bored :)

No problems , some few bugs in Multiplayer that is all .