View Full Version : Issue with MSI K8 Neo-FSR MB

03-21-06, 07:55 AM
I'm currently running an MSI K8 Neo-FSR MB w/ a 3000+ AMD x64. A few nights ago, Windows XP (SP2) went completely nuts and randomly started blowing away drivers..

I spent a good few hours reinstalling windows and getting drivers downloaded for the new installation. During the installation of the nVidia GART Driver, the install gave a STOP error (I can't remember the DLL now) and Windows was completely corrupted again - couldn't even run the Automatic System Recovery from the CD.

So, I reinstalled again.. and started to install the drivers once more, this time without the GART driver. Crashed again on the ethernet/SMBus install. Not a killer crash though - I rebooted and installed the IDE drivers just fine.

I still can't install the Ethernet/SMBus drivers and I'm VERY leery to waste my time trying to reinstall the GART drivers.

It almost seems to me that the motherboard itself may be going to the wayside. With this current install.. if I have World of Warcraft open and pop CyberLink's PowerDVD up to watch a video (Music video in VOB format).. Windows will crash, complaining about nv4_disp.dll.

In fact, almost any time the computer is under heavy "stress" and I add a bit more to it, the damned thing falls flat on it's face. Previous to this, I had NEVER once seen a single bluescreen - now I'm seeing 2-3 a day.

I tried installing the nForce drivers from nVidia's website (5.11 set), but read some horror stories. Rolled to the 5.10 and it does the same thing. I ended up eventually going back to the original drivers from MSI's website. The general performance of my machine is absolutely putrid right now due to the missing GART driver and, it seems, UDMA not being switchable.

Any thoughts? Any more information you gents might need? I'm lost and can't afford to purchase a new MB at this time.

03-21-06, 11:59 AM
Could it possibly be a bad stick of ram?

03-21-06, 11:21 PM
Hmm.. didn't even think about that - though the symptoms don't seem to point in that direction. I'll try swapping them in and out after I make a Ghost image of the drive (reinstalling sucks so bad).

04-03-06, 08:21 AM
I have the same problem, although I can install the GART driver.. but not the ethernet, I just shut the onboard LAN driver off and now it works fine... but yeah I get the same error when the comp is in stress.. the nv.. something file.
I'll post some new stuff when I get my new Power Supply..

In the meantime.. does anyone know where to get the OLD motherboard drivers? Can't find them on the Live Update page .. or anywhere else.

Cause it worked perfectly fine with the old mobo bios and drivers