View Full Version : XBOX 360 Oblivion is finally in my grubby paws!!

03-21-06, 11:13 AM
Muhahahahaha!! Can't wait to get home and play!! (nana2)
http://img368.imageshack.us/img368/7489/dsc002016ka.th.jpg (http://img368.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dsc002016ka.jpg)

03-21-06, 11:18 AM
Come on now, we dont need new threads for every one of these.

I say from now on, we keep all "I FINALLY GOT IT!" posts in this thread.

03-21-06, 11:21 AM
Seriosuly people are becoming stupid... you don't need to create a new thread for every simple thought that comes to your mind... this goes to another poster who shall remain nameless.

03-21-06, 11:27 AM
*creates thread celebrating a UPS tracking info update*


03-21-06, 11:30 AM
Sorry guys... I just couldn't withhold my excitement! :)

Acid Rain
03-21-06, 12:07 PM
Sorry guys... I just couldn't withhold my excitement! :)It's fine. Some of us can't tolerate other people's excitement and enjoyment, but most of us can. It's all good. Glad you got your copy. Now post in the upper thread, damn it!!! :D

(Ooops, I made it the "lower thread". Well, I'll go fix it)