View Full Version : BF2 1.21 and SB Live! 24bit Sound Issues - HELP!

03-21-06, 11:31 AM
Okay, game runs great, looks great, except (you all knew this was coming) for the sound when someone talks in the game. I'm not talking about actual people, I'm talking about those annoying messages, Enemy Spotted, Thank You, Roger That, Enemy Aircraft Spotted, I Need Back-up, etc. It totally stutters when they speak and effects game play at that time as well. I found one way around it, kind of, and that was to install the latest OpenAL.dll with EAX and copy the OpenAL32.dll file into the BF2 folder and name it BF2OpenAL.dll, saving the original first, of course. Now, I still can't select Hardware > High > EAX without this issue, but I can select Software > High > EAX and it does somewhat better and maybe a little better if I turn off EAX completely. I know a lot of Audigy people were having sound issues and this work-around helped some, but overall, the issue remains with me. I have the latest Creative driver and the BF2 patch 1.21. Now, please, don't start posting about how this game sucks, etc. I like the game and need help. Thanks.

- SLippe

03-21-06, 02:02 PM

Okay, well, after reading several different things on the good ol' internet, here's what I have done;

1. Download the newest OpenAL.dll w/EAX (version .11)
2. Copy OpenAL32.dll in the Windows/System32 folder (after install of course) and place it into the BF2 folder, renaming it BF2OpenAL.dll (make sure to backup the original .dll file first)
3. Stopped and disabled the nvidia driver service in services. (supposedly, and I'm sure you will all know if this is true or not, some guy said that keeps the game from using the BF2 profile, I doubt it, but did it anyway)
4. Opened up all the ports in my LinkSys router, both forwarding and triggering, because I don't really know how to use it. LOL
5. Set the In-Game AA setting to Off, but is at 4x in NvCpl.
6. Set the In-Game Audio to Software / High / EAX ticked.
7. Lastly, and I think this was the biggest deal, but not sure why, I deleted the BF2 folder in My Documents after I did all of the preceding.

The game now runs smooth as polished glass with In-Game settings @ High and NvCpl set @ 4xAA/16xAF / IQ @ HQ and of course the usual native resolution for my LCD @ 1280x1024, both Desktop and In-Game. I know this sounds like a lot, but you could do all of this in a matter of a few minutes, at the most. I'm just glad to be playing smoothly again, especially on big servers.