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01-26-03, 04:32 PM
amc.mav: 1337ness in mot!on (http://www.subtend.net/cas/movie/amc.mav_1337ness.avi) (Right-Click, "Save Target As...") ***Movie is 171MB***

This AVI movie requires the Divx Codec to work, found HERE (http://www.subtend.net/cas/movie/DivX502Bundle.exe). See readme file (http://www.subtend.net/cas/movie/readme.txt) for details.

This movie is of PUB action (clan isn't active atm) from December 2002 to January 2003. While this is my first BIG movie, I do want some feedback on what people like and don't like. BUT, please try and be useful and reasonably positive in criticism cause if you aren't, no one wants to hear it, particularly me ;)

Thanks to []CAS[]Slayer for hosting my movie!

Visit http://www.criminalsagainstsociety.com/ and the CAS Server at for some fun or to scrim CAS.

01-26-03, 06:42 PM
there any way you can compress that movie even more to make it a reasonable file download for us to review and give ya what we think bud? ;) just a thought, if not, I guess I could leave this downloadin' this during lunch or something, but for many, thats kinda really huge :afro2:

01-26-03, 07:16 PM
Not bad. Seems like there was some supicious happenings in some parts though. Especially where the one guy was shot through the floor from the level above. Must have had some advanced scouting, eh? Telling where people were hiding perhaps?:rolleyes:

I don't like the changes in speed when people get shot. I used to play CS I know exactly what kill shots look like. There is no need the drag it out when the only people viewing this will be people who are already familiar with the subject matter.

Not a bad effort.

01-26-03, 07:25 PM
Well, half the people I know downloaded got it going at a minimum of 100 kb/sec (with cable), and I myself was downloading at almost 500 kb/sec. At that rate, you can get it in less then 15 minutes.

As for compression, it's a movie and there really isn't much I can do about it. Winzip would take about 1% compression on it at the most which really isn't much.

I can try and do a 640*480 version of it, see how much that saves, but it might be awhile before I can get it uploaded.

As for "some supicious happenings", I can explain allllll my kills and provide demos to the recordings they are contained in. The estate for example, if you look closely at where my crosshair is kinda located, you can see some block stuff moving. The detail is lost in the movie but that is a CT shooting the wall, and use my surround sound it's fairly easy to locate him. Spray the floor and then there's my kill :D

You don't like the slow motion headshots? Hmmm, first one to mention that. The biggest problem with not slowing things down is that people don't always catch the detials, or get a full understanding of whats happening. And then, before they know it, they are watching the next kill, and the next, and the next.... I don't want the movie going faster than people can handle.

But, point taken and I'll ease up on that in my next movie.

01-26-03, 08:35 PM
it was a fair movie. there were some good parts, and some ho-hum parts too. i'm not a big fan of slow downs, i'd rather see a repeat with red circles and lines drawn in etc.

but there weren't that many slow downs used(thank god). nice movie :)

01-26-03, 09:21 PM
Overuse of the bad soundtrack overlayed upon CS demos.
Count the number of spray n pray kills in that video compared to the number of shots that were one hit kill (minus AWP) and you'll see that it's almost all CSBSHS. Very little was earned, most of it being spray n pray.
Annoying stoppage and slowdowns and edits in the video. STOP THAT. People who play CS watching these films want to see how it really looks, not what you want it to appear as. Get rid of the crappy soundtrack, and put in the REAL game sounds so we can hear the *ahem* footsteps that were below you in Estate. Otherwise, you're just asking for accusations.
Quickswitch AWP/deagle combo is reminiscent of an exploited bug. I trust no one who uses this even if it's deemed fixed.
Names in the middle of the screen? Ability to "see" while flashed. Just another something to think about.
I could go on and on. The only good thing was the download speed. Until CS loses the spray n pray, run n gun, ping dependant atmosphere, it's all CSBSHS.

01-27-03, 01:29 AM
Thanks ExitWound, best criticism post about my movie from 7 different forums!

And to keep everyone happy, here is that silly estate001.dem (http://members.shaw.ca/two_green/estate001.dem) if you want to see the bullets hit the wall and hear the location of the gunner.

Alright, so you don't like the music or don't like how I implemented it with the kills? What would you suggest as better music?

As for the spray and pray, most of the kills with the AK were not spray and pray, I pump single fire bullets which allows 3-4 extremely accurate bullets, or I did a shot burst of 2-3 bullets, which is also effective. At the times I did spray, which I think is a misleading word since it suggest I waving my gun at full auto, all i did was aim center mass and after 4-5 bullets lower the crosshair to allow the rest of the fire "kicked" up to also be on target. But pay attention to the situations I was in and the circumstance I was under which includes most of the following: multiple targets which I'm vulnerable too, having low health or being in a situation where I'm face greater odds of death.

As for the stopping of footage, what I tried to avoid is people having to go back and watch the same part 3 times in a row to catch all that happened, which to me seems like a much bigger pain. The oilrig blind shot is an example, just playing through it goes really quick and with the added darkness it's hard to see who is CT and T. I'm playing at 1600*1200 with brightness maxed so things are a lot clearer to me then they are to a viewer of the movie. But again, point taken and noted.

Ahh, the old quickswitch Awp/deagle thing. I do it by reflex since it brings me out of my scope with the chance to hit any enemies I didn't see sneak up and being able to finish of a enemy that didn't die from the Awp shot. I don't believe I ever pulled off the switch trick in 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6.

Problem with the name thing is that a) you still have to get your crosshair on them while your blind b) keep it on them for a second to 1.5 seconds which includes while they are moving. Either way, the name didn't even come up at any point of me killing the guy.

01-27-03, 04:15 PM
I didnt mean to come off so harsh last night. Long day and lack of sleep will make things come out wrong. Here's what I meant to say:

Overused Theming of CS movies: The way CS movies have been done for years is the following:
1.) Demo your playing for a while.
2.) Take the best shots you can find.
3.) Overlay soundtrack.
4.) Add credits.
It's a decent arrangement, but since 100 of them are released every 4 hours, it's monotonous. As a former CS player, now out of retirement due to boredom, I've seen tons of them, and know how the game plays. I know the maps, and know when and where to expect people and with what weapons at what times. If the target audience is those who are new players, they may enjoy such a film of gratuitous headshots. But experienced CS players *should* find this type of film annoying, having it come off as bragging or boasting your ability to play.

There is nothing wrong with showing off your best kills and events that have happened over the past X months of play. We all talk to our friends about this and that kill. It's part of the gaming experience. However, it is highly unlikely that the type of play shown in the movie is normal acitivity in your CS daily routine. Even as you check the scorecard to see enemies left during the video, it shows you as the 2nd best (by frags) on your team at one point. I could take all the amazing shots I've ever had, demo them, and show them off too, and make it appear as though I'm 'l33t', however I should not. Why? Because on average, I'm an average player who on occasion will go 30-2, but occasionally also going 2-30. Everyone has their bad rounds, and bad teammates, no cover, no backup.

The game is a team game. If you're playing vs a bunch of beginners, then 30-2 is easy. If you're playing vs a bunch of skilled TEAMmates, then 30-2 is a much harder score to get. But random events of mass fraggage do occur even in those situations. I am not saying you aren't as good as you appear...but to those who don't know you and haven't had the pleasure of playing beside you, it appears as though you're showing off and your claim being that you do this all the time, every round. Perhaps you do, perhaps you don't.

If the intention of the film was to just show off the good kills you've had, then so be it. Job well done. If it's to say "Hey look at me! I'm good!", then you've failed miserably, because CS is a team game, and your team winning is what's important, not your own kills. Rambo you might be, I would rather sit and play backup to my team completing objectives than rack a 30-2 score.

CS is Still 50% Luck: It will always be, since they "fixed" the hitboxes. Spray n Pray leads to so many headshots, roughly 30-40% that the game is primarily spray n pray on close quarter maps. Only at long range is the game played with accuracy and recoil fighting and pure aiming skill shown. Headshots at long range show a little more interest than 4 headshots in cs_office in the Tspawn as a CT. Anyone can pull that off at least once a map. CSBSHS. I refuse to attribute the phrase "But I always aim at the head" to truth no matter who says it.

Video Editing: As I said, depending on the point of the video, I would never make a series of shots covered with a soundtrack for a CS movie. Even with the stopping, pausing, showing the outcomes and situations with text, it's still monotonous. It helps slightly, but overall becomes annoying since the CS veterans will be watching and should be able to pick out the environment, situations, and whatnot in the scene with ease.

If I had made the film, I would set up a round by round series, where the round was first described by me, then shown and analyzed how and why I did what I did, and why it turned out so well. -OR- I would overlay the playing with a commentary track, like on DVD's explaining what I'm seeing as it unfolds. Since CS, to me, is a team game, I would never make a series of good kills video. Instead, my goal would be to describe how I play a round, and how I believe it worked in our favor to complete the objective. I have not yet seen any videos which show that off. Instead, they're all selfish "Look what I can do" videos with bad soundtracks on top.

AWP-Deagle: I am not a fan of bugs, or the exploit of them for an advantage. I do believe in modding the game to your heart's content, however. I use skins for my guns, and new sounds, but none that I believe will lead me to a better score in the end. I do not have extra loud footsteps .wavs, nor models that glow in the dark, nor any models which would give away the team more easily than it should (green/blue for CT's, white/brown for T's.) I do not turn the gun models off revealing more screen. I do not turn the gamma/brightness up any higher than default so that shadows disappear. I do not have names in the middle of the screen for easy abuse of determination of enemies. cs_747 will reveal players through curtains much more easily to the eye when they're that way. Even though they appear to my lower left, it's far harder for me to watch the game and see who I'm pointing at. I do not do anything which would give me an unfair advantage through a tweak.

Having said such, I am not a fan of the scripts that autochange weapons after shooting, or buying equipment (especially during a round, not before). Missing an AWP shot shoould give you the disadvantage. Autoswitching removes that by having a pistol out after the missed shot. In this case, you're admitting that you suck with the AWP because you're expecting a missed shot, and giving yourself an advantage of using a script to change weapons faster than someone who does not.

I consider it cheating to do any of the above mentioned, and am not fond of those who use them. Winning becomes more important than having fun if you have to autoswitch. I guess, though, if you're a heavy Clan matcher, you'll look for any excuse to win, even if that means bending the tweaking beyond tolerable, but not "illegal". I don't clan, obviously.

So there it is, in long form :) Hopefully you are as good as it looks in the CS video. To me, though, I am not fond of videos of the sort, as CS is not a one-man battle. The Team should come first, and I would love to see a team-based movie. However, it's rare that anyone would put someone else first in CS rather than themselves, one of the primary reasons why I left CS 6+ months ago. The community as a whole is horrible. Very few play the game with the same intentions that I do, and that's not fun, being alone in a team game.

I hope this was a better analyzing of the video than the last post. Didn't mean to sound rude about it.

I play on CoFR servers, btw, as "The Mrs." Look for me at if you care to join us.

P.S. Nin reminded me of this, which I forgot to write earlier. To save size of the download, cut the audio segment to mono from stereo sound. Why do you need stereo sound when the video is so bad to begin with anyway in terms of video quality? Halving the audio portion will definitely help.

01-27-03, 04:46 PM
Lose the slow motion. It's not needed. And as much as I love Prodigy, I don't think you need "Smack My Bitch Up" playing at full volume in the second half of the video.

01-27-03, 06:41 PM
Thanks again ExitWound for taking the time to type all that. I agree with most of what you said, this being a great quote, "that's not fun, being alone in a team game."

If anything, my movie shows the bs side of CS, but the thing about it is that if you don't go for the wallshots, or seemingly difficult shots, then you won't get them. The first title was actually “Luck + Skill = BS” but I found the current one to be more humorous.

The reason why all of it is pubbing is the plan fact that, up until a week or two ago, most of my CS time is spent in pubs where people play for themselves (I know a couple servers where that isn’t the case.) My next movie is going to be of all amc members from matches and scrims which will hopefully show team oriented tactics and corresponding ownage ;)

“admitting that you suck with the AWP because you're expecting a missed shot, and giving yourself an advantage of using a script to change weapons faster than someone who does not” Just as a side note, my clan name stands for Artic Magnum Clan, so I don’t think I necessarily suck wit the AWP ;) and maybe the ol' 'better to be safe than sorry' plays outs since if you aren't ready or planning a little ahead in the future, then things are less likely to go your way. I don’t use any scripts really besides buy scripts and that's because they are soooo much more effecient. All I have done for my awp/de is ‘q’ as my secondary (default ‘2’) and ‘caps lock’ as my primary (default ‘1’) and I don’t think that’s a script :)

But so far this is what I decided:
- No in movie commentary
- Only slow motion when needed
- Doing mono sound
- Providing 640*480 option video

As for being original, that’s a hard thing to do when you don’t have any photo or video skills : / I’ve seen some great movies out there that show exactly what you like ExitWound but I don’t have the skills to do a great deal of the animation or effects done to the movie. Just facts that I have to deal with.

01-27-03, 07:14 PM
If you have any of those links to videos like that, I'd love to see them. In the meantime, I'll continue hating the CS community hehe.

I have a Microsoft Optical mouse with 5 buttons. I'm going to configure all 5 buttons for every game if possible.
-Left: Shoot
-Right: Alternate Shoot
-Middle: Buy Equipment
-MiddleScrollUp: Buy Primary
-MiddleScrollDown: Buy Secondary
-Thumb: Primary
-Pinky: Secondary
I use fastswitching as well, but that's just a toggle, not a script. I bought the mouse so I could use 5 buttons in game. Same reason why I have a 2Ghz processor. It's not an advantage, it's an accepted "buy more, get more" attitude gamers have. They understand 4way sound compared to 2 is not a cheat.

Anyway, hmmmm. No that's it. I'm not Jerry Springer. No Final Thought, sorry. :)

01-27-03, 08:29 PM
These two stand out in my mind at the moment. It's not just the content that makes these two great but how they were made; with class and professionalism.


01-27-03, 09:20 PM
The 2nd one was the only one I watched so far. A little more professional, but the same collage of the same stuff.

CS has 5 guns, no more, no less. AWP, Desert Eagle, USP, Colt, AK. It's such a shame too. With so much potential, the game is only a mockery of what real gaming should be like. No one ever uses anything else if they're serious. why? The game is extremely flawed. Every one of the clips in the 2nd movie had one of the 5 guns mentioned, and in 99% of the shots, the AWP/DesertEagle quickswitch was used. Why? Bug exploitation for the advantage. changing between the 2 guns in prior versions led to the loss of the pause between shots between changing weapons. No pubbing in this movie, granted. The movie rocked, though, for the simple fact that Rhapsody, Nightwish, and Freedom Call were in the soundtrack. Man has some GOOOOOOOOD taste in music ;)

show me some clips of "mass pwnage" with a mac10 or a UMP45 and I'll be impressed :)

01-27-03, 11:06 PM
"show me some clips of "mass pwnage" with a mac10 or a UMP45 and I'll be impressed" I have JUST the movie for you! I didn't like it that much but there were some pretty funny kills.

"Description: Contains the second part of the BaseMasters Amazing Leeet Ownage with guns such as the mac10, tmp, and auto-sniper. Its 13 minutes long and its amazing...
Filesize: 233.25 MB" (http://dlauth.filefront.com/d2/00/129e5dfa0eaa0f5f0abce3c5cbd7507a/planetquake3/demohqmovies/REturn%20of%20the%20Base.zip)

01-27-03, 11:25 PM
Whoa! Exitwound, it's Phyre[GoD] here. Small world. CoFR the Abottoir is one of the best servers I've started playing on.



01-28-03, 08:26 AM
Yeah indeed. I just reinstalled due to lack of games to play until I can get money for Unreal Tournament 2003 and/or Unreal II. Simcity4 takes my time up but sometimes you just need something a little faster. So i headed back to CoFR for some of the cleanest CS action on the net. :) By the way, [CoCE]Cabbitos is my roommate :) small cyberworld indeed.

-The Mrs.

01-28-03, 09:41 AM
It is skills but most of it can be done quite easily if the opponent is a noob. That's what I have concluded from that video :) (and others too)