View Full Version : RAWR! Bug? (Dark Brotherhood quest spoilers)

Mr. Hunt
03-23-06, 01:18 AM
Ok... well I have been enjoying the game quite a bit (managed to snag the only NON-reserved copy of the CE from gamestop)... but just now I ran into something... maybe a bug, maybe I am just stupid and am missing something...

Anyway... I went on this "Contract" to stage the death of some guy in Chorrol... I went and did everything right, left town, waited 24 hours... then went back to the Chorrol Temple or whatever... I try to go downstairs it says it is locked, cannot be picked and needs a key... blah blah blah.. anyway... me being the thief I am, I decided to go and pick it off somebody if they had it... so the one person roaming around comes near me, I check and she has it. I grab it and exit without getting caught then head to the door... DUN DUN DUN! Says I need a key? But I look and I have the exact key I would need?

Anybody heard of this? I searched some other boards some, but couldn't find anything on this...

03-25-06, 10:22 AM
I had the same thing happen to me all I did was rest and made sure it was night time and then I didn't even need the key... I did the same thing too trying to pickpocket it.