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03-23-06, 12:18 PM
In some of the threads we have been hearing about how some of the features in the Ai have helped, or hindered the game play. Some call them features, while others call rack it up to poor Ai, and landscape.

This is what I have noticed, don't know if its a bug, or a feature.

While on the quest in Cheydinhol, to find the missing painter, after having encountered the painted trolls, which I thought where only two of them. I managed to get myself on a rock, and have the trolls out of range of their attacks. Then I pulled out the arrows, and started to shoot, I could tell I was hitting them with the little half moon, and their sounds of getting hit. After putting about 40 arrows in one his health was not going down. Then I pulled out a weapon like a claymore and started swinging same thing, I was getting hits, but no damage was being registered.

I have also noticed this on some places like the enemy is in a pit and you shower them with arrows, you hit them but their health does not go down like it should. Or they are behind a grated door you see the hits like the half moon but no damage is inflicted. Or you get an enemy to like a half inch of his life, any you keep hitting him like ten times, which should kill most same class enemy's but you can't just finish them off.

Is this a feature of the Ai? Or is it a bug, and should be reported, also what is the proper place to report these sort of things.


03-23-06, 12:48 PM
Do trolls automatically heal?

I know I have seen this when you are attacking a battlemage or something from afar and they run away then heal themselves...

03-23-06, 07:28 PM
If someone self heals you will see the magicka effect, I guess they could be using potions, but most of the time they are running into a wall, or are focused on attacking you.

With those trolls, I just loaded a previous save game and did something else, until I can get some more levels under my belt.


Tho Jo Smale
03-23-06, 07:31 PM
Trolls naturally heal themselves over time...they regenerate...it's a troll thing.

03-24-06, 10:04 AM
I still don't understand if your putting arrows into trolls how can then regenerate faster then you shoot them. If you do get that quest, after you kill the first two trolls, just sneak around on the cliffs, if you do it right you will see what I mean.

The trolls will try to get at you but if you do it just right, you will be on a rock, and the trolls will be below you I was even able to hit them with my claymore without them hurting me. But I could not kill them, also be warned the only way out is to fulfill the mission.