View Full Version : Double Screenshots (Blank/Reverse Image)

03-23-06, 02:14 PM
Sorry if this has been mentioned before, did a search and turned up nothing (perhaps I'm one of the few who takes regular ingame SS's).

I've noticed in a couple games (Quake 4 and Chronicles of Riddick) that when I take a Screenshot, I end up with two screenshots:

Quake 4 I get a real SS and one blank one.
Riddick I get a real SS and one that is sort of the reverse image in B&W.

I'm assuming that the game is probably taking images from both cards, or perhaps it's the rendering mode they use (CoD2 didn't give me double). I know Riddick is on SFR since that's what I chose for it, but Q4 and CoD2 don't display since they have official nVidia profiles.

Not a big deal, just wondering if anyone else has noticed this ;)


03-23-06, 02:45 PM
I've had this happen...but I run dual monitors. It looks like you're only running one, right?

03-23-06, 03:19 PM
Yeah, just one. The SS's that work look fully rendered and my performance indicates SLI, so it's sort of a mystery.