View Full Version : SLI Noise question?

03-23-06, 02:14 PM
I had a moment of insanity and spent $1500 to prepare for Oblivion...one of the things I purchased was a pair of 7900GTs for SLI.

My question:

When SLI mode is running is it supposed to be much louder? When in SLI mode its like my system is going into turbo...Power Supply is fine with 34amps on the 12v...underpowered as I only have 2 HDs and 1 optical and voltage everything is steady...

Is it fans I am hearing spinning up? For example in SLI mode I can look at a wall where the cards dont have to render much and noise is like single card...soon as I spin to a more complex scene the noise kicks in again.

So normal?

Thanks in advance.

03-23-06, 02:43 PM
I've got about 20 hours of gaming on my new SLI system and I've only heard the fans ramp up to the next highest speed once. You are running your cards at quite a bit higher clocks then me though. The one time they did spin up I thought a wire had fallen into a fan or something.:) It was noticeable enough for me to take the side cover off and make sure nothing was wrong.

I think it makes sense that they would be ramping up when they are rendering a more complex scene. Maybe your temps when your gaming are bouncing around the temp that tells your fan to go to the next highest speed.

03-23-06, 03:14 PM
Thanks for the reply. Mine does it even at stock speeds :(

However, only in SLI mode and when I alt-tab to the temperature it seems normal 55/57C which isn't too bad. Idle is in the 40s.