View Full Version : Just Did my first Fighter's Guild Quest...

03-24-06, 11:13 PM
I haven't had much time to sink my teeth into this game yet...

So far all I've done is go through the tutorial, deliver the amulet (first step in main quest), go up to Chorrol and sell all my tutorial loot / buy some armor, joined the fighters guild, and fast traveled to Anvil to do my first fighter's guild quest.

Well... I get to Anvil, go in the fighter's guild there, talk to the main dude to get a "contract"... and >bam<... I get this lousy "go kill rats in some hag's basement" quest.

...Or so I think... ;)

I'll just say I was expecting some mundane "go talk to hag and kill the rats for the hag" bs quest...

... But it was a helluva lot more... without spoiling it too much... first you aren't killing rats... yer saving her "pets"... then you gotta appease her more by making sure that more of the "animal in question" that is killing her rats get's eliminated by contacting and following some hunter just outside the town... then there's another "animal in question" in her basement... then she suspects her neighbor of messing with her, so you gotta follow / catch her neighbor doing "something nasty"... then you gotta confront the neighbor... then you decide whether you are gonna "snitch the neighbor" off or not... then you finish up the quest depending on what you decided to do, and after getting reward from hag, and possibly neighbor... you also find out whether you did enough to advance rank in the fighters guild.

OMG! An ACTUAL Quest instead of "go kill 10 x and bring back 10 y" or "Just go fed-ex this across the bloody map".

This game just Effin' ROCKS!!!! :D


03-24-06, 11:29 PM
You should explore some dungeons around main city , they are not hard for starter level and alot of fun :p beware of traps :D

03-25-06, 01:35 PM
Yep there are many cool quests .. you aint seen nothing yet! :D