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03-25-06, 03:53 PM
I'm having some aggravating problems with Oblivion.

Whenever a mobs animation kicks in (for example a crab or imp) the game freezes for a sec or two (just completely stops), then as the battle concludes, and Havok physics kick in the game freezes again for a sec or two. This is highly annoying. It occurs both indoors and out. I figure the battle music is being loaded (which thumbs down for that harsh explore to battle transistion), the RAI and the animation system. Is anyone else getting this?

My set up is a dual Athlon XP 3800 overclocked a bit (nothing huge)
a 7800GT Oc'ed a bit (no SLI card yet)
2 gigs of RAm
I defragged my HD with O&O Defrag immediately after installation.

I'm using the new nvidia drivers from last week.

I've tried about every tweak posted in the various threads.

My settings are 10x7 using HDR. The game auto-detected me at Ultra High Quality but I've tried ratcheting the settings down, trying Bloom, trying other things and nothing seems to change this issue. Obviously I get better frames but the freezing still occurs when a battle starts and ends.

Thoughts? I've been doing this for hours to no avail. :(

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

03-25-06, 04:15 PM
Athlon XP 3800 ? do you mean X2 ?

heres some thoughts :
first did you try the game with no o/cing (CPU or GPU) at all ?
are you on latest BIOS update ?
if its a dual core X2 , have you tried the MS hotfix ? & did you install the AMD 64 driver ?
did you try other display drivers ?
did you try running the game with no tweaks ? (default .ini)

03-25-06, 04:42 PM
Since I am running onboard sound, I decided to:

1. Re install the AC3 codec
2. Turn the hardware acceleration down via DXDiag.