View Full Version : Quick WMP acceleration question

03-25-06, 08:14 PM
I hate WMP10 and I'm sticking with WMP9 (I really loved WMP8 the most, I wish I could have it back).

Can I still get hardware acceleration for WMV etc. in WMP9? MPEG-2 is not a problem, you just check the DXVA/Hardware acceleration problem. I don't even have the NVIDIA decoder, but the Cyberlink one that came with my TV card.

03-25-06, 09:02 PM
Im using MediaPlayerClassic and there you can use extra features if you own a DX9 card. Not sure if they are pure acceleration features but WMV appeared to run smoother when I enabled them, and the video cards fan spin up too. Im so glad that Im not using WMP9 anymore. I hate bloatware.