View Full Version : Weird thing with fps

03-26-06, 08:53 AM
I dont know why, but if I stand outdoors without moving or doing anything, just staying, my framerate goes down with no apparently reason :S

I load a savegame and fraps shows 45fps but after a short time it starts to decrease until it reaches 16-18fps

My vsync is off and I have turned off hardware sound and I also have tried
different resolutions and configs without success :(

By the way, Im on 84.25s with 6800Gs, 1gig of ram and 2430mhz A64.

Thanks on advance ^^

03-26-06, 09:00 AM
Everyone on the TES forums is talking about this, me included. Whe i first start the game, the game is very smooth, and over an hour it goes slower and slower until its a stutterfest. Seems like a memory leak or something?

03-26-06, 09:19 AM
I dont know, but for me it only happens outdoors and it only takes about 2 minutes :(
I hope they will release a patch soon :(