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03-26-06, 09:36 AM
1.) How in the hell do i lower my bounty. I have murdered and stolen so much I am spotted on sight and get 20+ guards attacking me

2.) Whenever I close the game (and sometimes during the game) I get the dialog box that says Oblivion has encountered a problems and needs to close blah, blah, etc. Then it gives me the choice to sumbit or not the error report.

Now it isn't a big deal if it only crashes when I quit(almost every time),but I would prefer it didn't during the game :) Does anyone else's game crash to this error?

03-26-06, 10:08 AM
1) I think there are certain people whom are capable of lowering/removing your bounty .. you should look for them before approching the guards again.
not 100% sure about that though , but that was the way in Morrowind.

2) No idea.