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03-26-06, 01:21 PM
For those of you who can't have the game playable outside at 1600 resolution but it's fine indoors I thought of something to reduce switching back and forth. By the way so far as I know you have to exit the game and reenter to change resolution. If someone found a workaround for that let me know so I don't have to use the following suggestion anymore. It can spoil the continuity but see if you can deal with it.

Say you are outside at 1280 res, then you can go to several caves, rooms or other indoor areas and save the game just inside the entrance. So you have like 20 or 30 saves in different indoor places. Then switch once to 1600 res and go visit all those inside savegames without having to fiddle with the res. Sorry if that's annoying to the flow but I just got tired of the res changes. 1600 res indoors at 4x or 6x AA makes a noticable difference in better IQ to me than at 1280x1024 with the same AA.

I guess the same could be applied in reverse to different outside areas like the Imperial City region being so demanding that most can't even play it at 1600 res when not indoors. So you could pile up a bunch of savegames in that region like above. Then when you are done playing at 1600 res indoors in some other region then switch once down to 1280 res or in my case to 1024 and have a lot of playable exterior area saves in Imperial City and on its island outside.

All of the above is with everything maxed out in game sliders except grass shadows which is off or lowest. And it's with the original INI, no tweaks. I tried the ini tweak to lower grass density and even at a 110 setting the grass is too sparse looking for me. Parts of the grass looks bend down or flattened too much at the 110 ini setting. Now I'm getting picky but a few other don't like it that setting or above either.

P4 3.4 -- Radeon X800XT PE -- 1 gb ram

Edit: and no HDR, my card can't do it. At least I have some decent detail in surfaces.

Acid Rain
03-26-06, 03:07 PM
This is just about the oddest post I've ever read. :D

Sounds like a good way to suck the fun out of the game.;)

03-26-06, 03:13 PM
Sounds like a good way to suck the fun out of the game.;)

yeah i know.

Quit worrying about the graphics and just play the game. It's a fun game in it's own right.


Buy a better PC or get an XBOX

03-26-06, 06:32 PM
I may get a high end Nvidia or Ati and put it in that box of mine, 3.4 ghz is meh maybe ok. And more ram of course. Changing res can wreck the flow of the game too. If you refuse to change ur res indoors then have fun playing at below 1600 res inside. You'll be missing out on some cooler sharper looking textures. It adds so much to the environment down there in those caves and dungeons. An sli system would fix all that anyway as implied by the other poster.

OoO Edit - I meant too I'll have to swap the mobo for an express version. And make sure all the drives work with it.

03-27-06, 01:27 AM
Best stick with one res/setting that is playable everywhere .. you are just wasting your time this way & ruining the game's fun!!!