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03-27-06, 02:27 AM

Sounds pretty awesome :D

But one of the things that makes the new Unreal Engine a notch above is that the physics are integrated into everything the characters do. If a guy is running with his gun and he's shot in the arm, the animation responds accordingly, with the model dynamically reacting to the shot and trying to return to his regular animation. If you knock a character to the ground, he'll fall with proper ragdoll physics, but now the character is aware of his position and he can jump back up to his feet. If he falls on his face, he'll lift himself up. If he falls to his back, he'll do a 'kip' -- that's where you spring up to your feet without using your hands, like they do in martial arts movies.

This year, one of the features in the new Unreal Engine is a facial animation system that dynamically reads in voice acting clips and lip-syncs a character's face and facial expressions. Afterwards, artists can go in and tweak each individual muscle. Here's the level of detail that marks the next-gen: If you have a character arch his eyebrows, you'll see the wrinkles develop in his forehead. How many people will actually notice that during gameplay? That's beside the point -- it's an extra level of fidelity that makes the world that much more real.

03-27-06, 05:35 AM
Good to hear that.Thanks for the link.

Detailed animations and lots of them for different scenarios is what I <3.Games were starting to abuse or already abused ragdoll alot to compensate for their insipid character animations imho.In that regard I can say ragdoll is a pretty awsome looking effect on one hand and on the other a good way for the deveopers to get away with a low amount of work on character animations while ragdoll physics automically calculates and the generated result satisfies the customer,flip sides of the same coin.

Consideing this is Epic we are gonna have Gibs right?I mean in UE3 engine.

03-27-06, 12:37 PM
That's very cool to hear, I've been waiting for a game that allows physics to be applied to characters. In fact I had a game idea that practically revolved around out (melee combat in first person games could be made so much better by it). I wonder if it's a type of procedural animation.

03-27-06, 12:54 PM
The Sound and Lip sync sounds alot like what valve did with HL2... Remember the G-Man demo when HL2 was first shown off at E3.