View Full Version : SLI & Vsync, safe?

03-27-06, 09:41 AM
I know when i am asking this, someone may shout "FYI! It`s NOT!", or something similar, but i just want to know if I am right. :)

I have ViewSonic n3000w LCD 30" flat and in rig i have Gainward 7800GTX 256 GS SLi. Well, my LCD`s native resolution is 1280x768 and 60hz. I am currently playing Oblivion. I noticed that when I have Vsync with Multi-GPU rendering OR AFR in Coolbits on, my framerate is limited to 60 as herzes of my flat. When i disable Vsync in game (set to application preference in cp), I gain huge boost in framerate. Also SLi seems to work, according to load balancer.

So, I am asking all who have knowledge, is it safe to play without Vsync in LCD-flat like mine? :D

03-27-06, 02:19 PM
Yes, you're safe. At 60 Hertz your monitor refreshes 60 times per second. It doesn't matter if your video card is pumping out 999 frames per second, your monitor is still refreshing @ 60 Hz.

What is NOT safe is when you force a refresh rate higher than the monitor's recommended specifications.