View Full Version : Cleaning An Nv5

03-27-06, 11:24 AM
Does anyone have any handy tips for cleaning an NV5 coz apart from breaking it apart I cant see an obvious way to clean it, For the price of a few cans of air I could probably just buy a new NV5!!! That one way I guess.

03-27-06, 02:27 PM
With water (after removing the fan) and then blow dry it? If you want to still ditch your dirty NV5, can you mail it to me? :D

03-27-06, 02:42 PM
Ironic you would start a post about cleaning an NV5.
Just last night, I cleaned two NV5's cause I'm getting ready to sell my 6800GT's.
I unscrewed the four screws that hold the heatsink in place.
Then I used a powerfull vaccum cleaner to suck out all of the dust bunnies.
And last, I cleaned the dust around the inside fan casing by using wet cotton swabs.

It seemed to work ok, hope this helps.......

03-27-06, 03:52 PM
I used about 100psi of air from a small air compressor. Like new.:D

03-30-06, 01:39 PM
Great thanks for those tips guys :) I didnt realise there were screws in the thing ,thought it was clipped on tight