View Full Version : Ummm....Disposition after successful quest completion

03-27-06, 05:08 PM
Playing a Breton Battlemage.
I've just completed a couple quests...Specifically Unfriendly Competition and Bloated FLoat (great stuff BTW).

SO after completing the quests...why did the quest rewarders not have a much higher disposition for me? I would think it would be close to the upper 80s low 90s but both hung at 45. I know if someone did all that for me I'd take a real shine to them.

Thoughts as to why there is no disposition change?

03-27-06, 06:39 PM
I'm confused as to what you actually mean here. Disposition to whom or what? Are you talking about higher disposition for buying stuff? i'm not exactly sure if that changes for everyone, because then you would be picking specific people to work for vendors, due to having an easier ability to work them up to the highest money recived.

03-27-06, 08:06 PM
**Spoliers related to Unfriendly Competition quest**

Well for example, I was asked to follow a merchant who was lowballing this consortium of merchants in the Merchant District. They were trying to have me find out his prices were so low (should have named the guy Crazy Eddie, joke for all your NYCers heh). Before I started the quest my disposition (how much they liked me) with all of them was at 40. Not so great.

So I did the quest, which took quite awhile maybe 90 mins. After I completed the quest, they were all quite pleased. I got a really nice ring for it and everyone of the merchants in the Merchant District acted like I was one of their fave customer.
"Oh it's you, thank you so much for fixing that for us, etc."
So you'd think my disposition would be up in the 80s or 90s. But no, it was raised just a bit to 45.

See my point? Why were the merchants involved in the quest disposition towards me not increased exponentially for the amount of legwork I did? Seems odd.