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The Boss66
03-28-06, 04:24 PM
I know the basics like vsync, AA, AF etc... But what should i have things like triple buffering, trilinear filtering, and all the other stuff in the advanced settings set at? I play mostly sports games from EASports like NHL, FIFA, Tiger Woods.
System:P4 3.06 533fsb
EVGA 7800gs Superclock
1 gig of Crucial PC4200 Ballistix Mem.
OCZ 520 watt PSU

Thanks for any help

03-28-06, 05:57 PM
AA: 4x
AF: 8x or 16x
Quality or High Quality (HQ turns optimizations off. Increases quality but decreases speed.)
Force Mipmaps to Trilinear (Probably unnecessary. Most newer games default to trilinear anyways.)
Vsync: Optional (Vsync On may give higher quality, but at the expense of framerate)
Triple Buffering: Optional (Only use this if Vsync is turned On and the graphics are based on OpenGL)

If you use Quality setting, you can leave the optimizations On, but they can cause texture shimmering, especially the Aniso mip filter optimization. I recommend to leave that one off for better quality.

03-28-06, 10:07 PM
If you click on the item you want to know about so that its menu choices are showing, then click on the ? in the upper right hand part of the control panel and then click on the menu items (or slider -- the mouse pointer should be a ? now) it'll tell you what they're for. It doesn't give you the whole story though since (for example) the triple buffering is only for OpenGL.

See screenshots for what I'm talking about with the ? help.