View Full Version : Overclocking 7900 GT

03-28-06, 07:49 PM
What kind of overclock speeds are you guys getting with the 7900 GT, EVGA in particular.

03-29-06, 12:56 PM
With stock hsf they seem to all (many) be capable of hitting the extreme model speeds of 550/775(1550).

So Nvidia's spec is 425/650. They all seem to have the same memory etc so should all be fairly close. My friend with an EVGA can only overclock his 550/775 to about 560/785 before artifacting occurs...which is about what my BFG 474/650 can do...ie they seem to have the same stock headroom.

03-29-06, 03:24 PM
Cores can't go much higher than 550. Artifacts > ~550

Lots of memory goes to 900mhz I believe.

03-29-06, 04:01 PM
The EVGA OC I have runs at 550/790 and will clock to 565/825 before I start seeing problems.

03-29-06, 07:37 PM
Thanks, I'll give it a try.

03-29-06, 07:55 PM
Anyone know if the ram requires heatsinks when oc'ing cause I've heard it doesnt make a difference on the 7900gt.

03-29-06, 09:42 PM
The speeds I noted above are with no heatsinks on the ram. I noted this in the review with a pic: http://www.nvnews.net/reviews/evga_geforce_7900_gt/index.shtml