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03-29-06, 09:37 PM
Hi All,

About 15 hours into the game I realized I wanted to change my class a little bit. I had created a custom class that included speechcraft and mercantile. I didn't want those, and found the console cheat to change my class.

Upon changing my class I noticed most of my skills had dropped precipitously. So I used another console cheat to increase those skill levels. I promised myself that I wouldn't use any more console cheats after this point...

but I'm realizing that some of my skills are not improving.

Athletics should constantly improve. It hasn't. Restoration is stuck at 45 or so, and it doesn't increase when I cast spells. Some skills increase just fine.

It seems like the skills I had to increase to get back to my levels prior to the class change cheat aren't improving (the red bar for each isn't growing.)

It seems like perhaps each skill I cheated and augmented is still filling back at the low level? as in, think of a pot that holds your experience. when the experience gets to the rim, you level up and get a slightly bigger pot. In my case, I think maybe I created huge pots for some of my skills, but the experience is still at the old, small level and it will take a while to fill to the top. Does this sound right?

Is there any way to fix this?

03-29-06, 09:47 PM
update: I experimented with a skill that was almost ready to level up (mysticism) that I knew was functioning ok. I used the console cheat to increase 1 level, and it did, and the progress bar went blank. Then I cast a few mysticism spells, checked back, and I saw the progress bar start to move again!

I also tested one skill that was not close to levelling up. I increased the level via the console cheat, then cast a bunch of spells in that skill. It took longer, but eventually I saw the progress bar start to fill up.

Is there a way to fill up the experience pot quickly (see my analogy in my previous post)?

I wonder if I can do so, whether that will wind up increasing my overall skill level.

Damn, I wish I had just picked the right class to begin with. :-\

03-29-06, 10:21 PM
one more thing: when I type "help" in the console, it gives a list of commands, but it's just the last 20 or so. how do I scroll up and see the top of the list?

EDIT: you hit pageup to do so. But it looks like there is a small buffer size for the console history. how can you increase that so I can see the entire Help list?