View Full Version : i started getting the oblivian.exe errors

03-29-06, 10:04 PM
i have been reading about these errors around the web and now i am getting them. completely random and i dont get it. just running along and the game crashes to the desktop with an error of oblivian.exe. sonuvabitch

03-29-06, 10:07 PM
yea i get this too. just it only right when i quit. ill hit quit and then it will show the error and it goes to the desktop. dosnt affect anything just annoying.

03-29-06, 10:11 PM
thats where mine started. itll get worse/ i am gonna reinstall the game and see how that goes.

03-29-06, 10:19 PM
i get it also sometimes when i quit.

03-29-06, 11:32 PM
I got my first error tonight when I went to a shrine by that Cloud fortress and got a bound dagger and bound armor. I got back on my horse and since you can't unequip a bound weapon and can't have a weapon equiped on a horse, it was ugly. Got thrown to the desktop.

Fired it back up and played for another 90 minutes or so and had no problems whatsoever, but got an error upon exiting. Weird.

03-30-06, 12:08 AM
well, reinstalling seemed to help alot. but that remains to be seen...

03-30-06, 01:56 AM
I get the error when exiting the game also, as it does'nt effect my play in any way I dont care (yet).

Lets hope it does'nt get any worse.

03-30-06, 06:18 AM
I've been getting loads of graphical glitches lately.. I tried turning HDR back on, then after a few seconds, the screen goes blank, I alt-tab out, go back in, and my characters torso is spinning around on the horse..

Definitly needs some serious bug fix patching IMO.

Still having a great time with it tho :D

03-31-06, 12:36 AM
Same prob here.

03-31-06, 06:00 AM
been getting it for a few days now

03-31-06, 03:40 PM
yep i got that sometimes when quitting

03-31-06, 03:54 PM
I get these errors EVERY TIME I exit the game.

03-31-06, 03:57 PM
I get these errors EVERY TIME I exit the game.

me too, seems to be getting worse.

03-31-06, 09:47 PM
i just recently started getting "BUGCODE USB DRIVER" BSODs immediately after loading in some areas. doesn't happen in any particular place, really random. I also get the crashes you guys are talking about upon exiting, but it doesn't seem to hurt that much.

04-01-06, 06:24 AM
Here's a list of the seemingly random errors that I've had:

1) One day while walking around in Oblivion the game screen turned black. Could still here sounds and in fact could still see the UI and open menus. Exited out, went back in, 5 minutes later same problem. Rebooted and haven't had it since.

2) Thrown to desktop when trying to load new areas. Exited out, went back in, same problem. Rebooting fixed it again.

Definately some weird stuff going on and if it was any other game I'd probably just give up and uninstall. That's definately not going to happen with this game anytime soon, though.

04-01-06, 06:57 AM
i've started getting BSODs now as well....not that often but it does occur