View Full Version : 7900GTX SLI (Low Performance)

03-29-06, 11:26 PM
I just recently got my SLI functionality, and am trying to get the performance as it should be.

I ran 3DMark with the cards at default clocks and these are the scores:

3DMark06: 6458
3DMark05: 10200

I'm not sure what to change, or what needs to be done for proper load balancing and to increase the performance of the SLI setup. I did some searching in this forum, but the search function is pretty much worthless here. Still searching through google, but I figured intelligent answers would be quicker found from experienced users.

Also, I'm not sure I understand how to decipher the load balancing bars.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

03-29-06, 11:31 PM
I think you are searching using the wrong key words. However, those scores look low even though you maybe CPU limited in certain instances. Check if you have vsync disabled and that no AA or AF are enabled. They should be set to application not a spefic value. Other than that I dunno.

03-29-06, 11:38 PM
Those look like the scores you would expect from a single 7900gtx somethings wrong...

03-29-06, 11:41 PM
Yes, those scores matched my single overclocked 7900GTX (710/1760)...although those could have been low as well. Here are my single and SLI scores:

PNY 7900GTX (710/1760):

3DMark06: 5,488
3DMark05: 10,740

PNY 7900GTX SLI (default clocks):

3DMark06: 6, 458
3DMark05: 10,200

Also, Anti-Aliasing and Aniosotropic Filtering are both set to Application-Controlled. All other options are set to provide the fastest framerate with the least image quality. Vertical Sync is also off as well.

03-30-06, 09:27 AM

Anyone have any recommendations or know anything I could try?

I know I have the bridge connector on the right way, I've looked at the pin1 header every single time when placing it. I switched it around last night to see if it would change anything anyway, I hat the same performance with it swapped around as if it was in the proper position.

I"m totally confused on this. :(