View Full Version : Once upon a time at Bandit camp...

03-30-06, 06:49 PM
I snuck my way into a bandit camp tonight. to see what these things would do so i sat back and spammed invis watching them for a while. One sat down and started eating the other walked around the camp for a few seconds then out on his equip pops a bow from (a glass hammer) So im like hmm this is interesting whats he going to do. so I proceed to follow him. Oh i see a deer prancing off and then taking off fast so i follow this guy as he makes chase. He even went into sneak mode a few times. But guess what, somthing was stalking him. One of those spriggan chick things, when he had chased the deer to far caught the spring on him and owned him. all this transversed while i watched in invis mode. So what did i do? backstab poison plant chick watch her drop as she was gloating about spanking the (what i thought wa s anub bandit) and i pick up a very nice bow( i'll link it in a bit )and a glass axe... moral to the story? Imagine this poor souls luck at hunting for a good meal, without level scaling oh and watching the ai at work is impressive.

03-30-06, 07:06 PM
The thread title made me think of American Pie :P

03-30-06, 07:10 PM
LOL. Reminds me of World of Warcraft when you are out XP'ing some mobs and some ass rogue pops up and kills you before you know what hit you. :P