View Full Version : WTT my 7800 GTX 256MB for 2x 1Gb ddr 400 or other hardware or FS $225 shipped.

03-31-06, 10:06 AM
I have an eVGA 7800 GTX 256MB oc'd stable @ 475/1.26 on air.

Never any problems with this card, comes with original box, manual, wires, dvi adapter, etc.

I'm more looking for a trade rather than cash, but one can never say no to cash so I'm willing to sell the card for $225 shipped. (Canada $230 shipped)

Heat under archangelv7, one negative left by an idiot who was impatient and unavailable for email contact, i've done deals on this forum with kamel, saturn, and l337 like that, they can all vouch for me, as can all the other positives.

Now due to this one negative, I can understand concerns of you shipping first, so as long as your feedback is better than mine, I have NO problem shipping to you first.

I'm looking for some quality memory. Kingston, ocz, etc. But it has to be sticks of 1 GB, my mobo hates having all 4 slots taken up and gives random reboots (known problem with this mobo) So since i'd like to boost my system from 1GB to 2GB, I need 2 sticks of 1GB ram, ddr 400 pc-3200.

Also looking for a better cpu. If youve gone dual core and have an old 939 3500+ or 3800+ single core laying around, i'd love to trade the card for that as well. Anything above the amd64 3200+ I have right now.

I'm open to offers that arent listed, just PM me and maybe i'll like what i'm reading. Just please keep the offers computer hardware related or hand-held related. (psp system, ds system)

Thanks for looking.

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Has anyone recieved any sort of contact from this guy?


04-03-06, 10:38 PM
deal pending.