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04-02-06, 01:10 PM

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A little info on BIA HH:

- No load times between cinematics and action. key moments of gameplay will be highlighted. "This might include a fellow soldier taking three shots to the chest, or a Nazi ducking behind cover and calling for backup." It is like the technique used in Resident Evil 4. Some of these will generated on the fly while others are fully scripted (main story)

- you now have 3 squads to command in the game

-online play

-enemy supression indicators reduced in size, you can give commands while jumping over a wall

-3rd squad carries bazookas, mortars, and heavy machine guns, and a radioman who calls in air strikes

More multiplayer info:

"...a custom-builot matchmaking engine will automatically generate squads based on skill level and experience

- can create your own squad, "as well as large-scale units like platoons (think Halo's clans)"

- "expectatiosn are high at Gearbox - we'd be surprised if these matches accommodated any less than 32 players

PS3 info:

- voice & text messaging
- "...according to seeral of PSM's development sources, [ps3 owners] be able to use their systems as "lifestyle servers" - other people on their buddy lists will be able to access a sort of blog or "bulletin board" hosted on their system, even when it's not in sue.
-expample^^, PS3 owners can record video journals to their console using the next-generation EyetToy, which could then be viewed by anyone they wanted
- ..."system's ability to shar its owner's phots and even recordings of thier best performances-or "run-throughts" - in games.

- users can take phots and record video with their PSP and send them to thier PS3's from wherever they are
-PSP can also be used to view phots and videos shard on your firend's PS3 consoles over the internet