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04-02-06, 05:04 PM
I am having a hellvua time trying to install coobits2.0. What am I doing wrong?

OK, let me start from the top:
1) I dL it from here: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=815
and it is extracted to the desktop with this folder:

2) I then click on the folder and it leads me to here:

3) I click on the folder again and it leads me to here:

4) I now click on SETUP and it leads me to this file

5) I click on it and notepad opens up with the below contents

6) According to the coolbit instructions, I am suppose to save this file under a ".reg" instead of ".txt" that it currently is in, so I did.

7) I click on save and it ask if I want to replace the existing file? I click yes. I even tried saving it under a different file name on other occasions, but always same result. I now open the file I supposedly saved as a ".reg" file and notepad opens up again with the same content as earlier. There is no installation of anything and nothing asking me to click "yes" or "no".

8) Next, I go back and click on another file. It is the one with the huge exclamation point on it. Then it gives me an error as in this picture

9) I then click OK and this appears

10) The last icon in this folder just takes me to the guru site.

OK, now what am I doing wrong? I know coolbits3D is out and I try installing it as well, but the same results keep happening. Thanks in advance for your help. This has been so frustrating! (nana2)

BTW, I am trying ot overclock my evga 78700GS superclock. My specs are: FX53, 3gigs of Corsair XMS, 500PS and using driver version 81.98.

04-02-06, 05:27 PM
When you get to the coolbits_forceware icon, just double-click it. That will merge it into the registry.

04-02-06, 06:27 PM
I did, and it just opens a note pad file.

04-02-06, 06:32 PM
Are you sure you're saving the file as coolbits_forceware.reg?

04-02-06, 06:33 PM
You shouldn't be "installing" anything, just go to the right key, create a DWORD named CoolBits, and give it the value of 2 (if you only want overclocking).

04-02-06, 06:35 PM
You really should go to folder options and enable "view file extensions". Windows was trying to be nice by hiding them, but it just causes too many headaches :)

04-02-06, 06:47 PM
I save it under coolbits_forceware.reg. I saved it under coolbits2.reg and I don't see anything in my nview that says overclocking.


Now here is nview and I don't see any overclocking tools.?


04-02-06, 06:51 PM
i dunno much about coolbits so i use NVtweak, super easy

04-02-06, 06:58 PM
OK, I unckecked "hide extensions for know file types" and no luck. The files now states it's a ".reg", but no overclocking tools in nview.


04-02-06, 07:02 PM
The guru file should be fine. Have you tried right clicking the file and choose 'Merge'? Although you should just beable to double click and it should install.

Just from your pics it looks like the files are correct, they were even assigned the proper icon for .reg files, you must be doing something wrong.

Try downloading it again and this time don't mod anything.

04-02-06, 07:05 PM
absolutely, I tried right clicking and then merge, but its the same thing. Open up nview and no overclocking tabs????

04-02-06, 07:11 PM
Try coolbits1.0 if you just want the overclocking tab.

04-02-06, 07:17 PM
Geesss, I am so frustrated. What the hell could be going on? Spent all day.........:( :thumbdwn:

04-02-06, 08:11 PM
When you click on 'Performance and Quality Settings' is there a drop-down menu that has 'Basic Settings' and 'Advanced Settings'?

04-02-06, 08:45 PM