View Full Version : is there any way to change your skills later?

04-04-06, 03:31 PM
Im regreting some of my decisions when it comes to major skills . because after learning more about them they arent usefull at all for me. I would like to bias all my skills for combat and for combat and forget about magic that i dont use.. and things like merchandizer that i dont use . perhaps it will crucial to pass levels later in the game?

problem is very dificult to win in close combat.. in the gladiators arena. im being owned badly by every NPC in machine . even though i have decent Steel armor from top to botton. IS there any way to change your skills with a hack or a mod ? Is too much to start all over gain i will like to simply translate the ratings that already have earned in useless skills to others that i need.

04-04-06, 04:14 PM
You can change them by practising more the skills that you wanna improve.
for ex. use melee combat as much as you can in the wilds .. fight crabs or wolves or whatever & just drop the usage of magic or haggling with merchants. by this when you level up you will gain more points per combat related attributes.
what level are you in BTW ? the steel armor will become weak after some fights in the arena .. you need better armor & better weapons before advancing. even i (i'm at level 11) had a somewhat hard time beating the later ones so what i do is enhance my skills , spells , armor & weapons & then come back again.

as for an answer for your Q .. no & if theres any that will be considered cheating , its a RPG where you build your character form ground up remember ? ;)

04-04-06, 04:44 PM
sure , i know that the more i use any skills the better they will be ,but minor skills progress is far slower. Less bonus and trainers only train your major skills. for example i have alchemy as a major skill ,but i never use anything from that, i dont have the patience to prepare potions.. and colect plants lol! looks like i will need to start the again the game. :(

04-04-06, 05:13 PM
Well sounds ok since you're still in the beginning of the game (not much to lose!) .. now this time choose wisely my friend!

04-04-06, 05:14 PM
Trainers train minor skills aswell, trained Heavy Armor (minor for me) above Light (major) now hehe..
Also when you gain in a Minor skill, it adds to the Attribute bonus for your next level, but then again you still need to get 10 points in Major to level.
Other then slower gains, Minor skills arent nerfed in any way or anything like that.

04-04-06, 07:11 PM
you can do it through the console I guess. Look up Oblivion cheats somewhere like gamefaqs:)