View Full Version : *quest spoiler* Vampires in Skingrad *quest spoiler*

04-06-06, 02:04 AM
Hey guys...

Just stuck on this quest... It's quite a high Mage's Guild (Arcane University) quest... I am a Warlock... Just wondering how to get rid of the Vampire Hunters without killing them?


04-06-06, 06:08 AM
you can tell them about the vampires in the cave....and when they go over there to kill them you can kill the hunters after they've killed the vampires ....make sure you can fast travel to the cave first before telling them

04-06-06, 06:43 AM
Go to the cave and kill the vampires by yourself. Show as proof some vampire dust and they should leave the town. Actually they should leave the town even if they went to the cave in the first place and killed the vampires, but the retarded AI is not always consistent with the results. I had the same problem.

I reloaded an early save and they left the town. If you don't have an early save, just wait till they go to bed to end their miserable life effortlessy (they don't wear armor while sleeping).