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My Mini Rule
If I cannot ship within a week of payment, I must refund $10.
If I cannot ship within 2 weeks of payment, I must refund the whole thing.

-I will not ship first, unless I have traded with you before, or you have 100+ heat, or if the item(s) is/are worth over $100
-If your item is DOA, ship it back, I'll test and I'll refund if found faulty(minus shipping costs.)
-If your item is found to work, I will ship it back.
-If I shipped first and it needs to be returned, and you will not accept it back since I found it in working condition, I will ask for reimburstment for shipping fees.
-Driver issues are your problems, not related with the item I sold you.
-I will not barter unless it is stated OBO
-If you would like a faster discussion, use AIM, s/n is R1cem4r1ne
-Please avoid threadcrapping, I will report it
-If you do have a bad experience with me (STARTING ON SEPTEMBER 13th), put it on your heatware eval...
-and yes, All these rules apply, AND BE SCARED FOR IT. Instead of squealing, I rather hear you moo.

$12.50 + Shipping (7 available (will decrease in later posts)
50 pack of Fuji (or Fujifilm) DVD-R's, that comes in 5 different colors! (10 per color). They burn at 16X speed, and hold a total of 4.7 GB per disc!
http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/4498/cd6lr.th.jpg (http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cd6lr.jpg)

=You will be asked on how you would like yours to be shipped, but my main default shipping preferences is Fedex Ground.
$189 shipped
eVGA 6800gt PCi-E, out of warranty though, but comes with dvi adapter, card, power dongle, and the box and manuals.

=I will ship by Fedex or USPS, depending on the fees

====On Shipping Stage.==== (SOLD, but shipping soon)


$120 shipped ***Sold to MTB2Live,Live4Comps***
512X2 Mushkin Redline XP4000 PC4000, has gone to 1.5-3-3-6 with 265 MHz, very nice ram!... Interested anybody? :D

=This can be shipped Fedex Ground or USPS Priority, but I will ask for insurance fees to be added to USPS Priority if requested (Depending on price it may be an additional $3.35)
$45 for 1, Ultra X-Connect 500w PSU, Sold on AnandTech
$69 for 1, MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Motherboard, Sold to wayne0912
$146 for 1, 512X2 Corsair XMS Twinx1024-4400C25, Sold to troisanh
$135 for 1, AMD 64 3200+ E3 Venice, Sold to Tylander
$7.50 for 1, 4X4X24 CD-RW, Sold on Anandtech
$75 for 1, Maxtor 200GB IDE, Sold on Hardforum
$250 for 1, Microsoft Project Standard 2003, Sold to Johnnie
$250 for 1, eVGA 6800 Ultra AGP, Sold to sisq0kidd
$75 for 1, 200 GB IDE Seagate, Sold on Hardforum
$39 for 1, Maxtor 80 GB IDE, Sold on Hardforum.
$256 for 1,Gigabyte X800XT AGP Sold to a guy on AIM
$20 for 1, SB Live! 24-bit, Sold to gac009
$40 for 1, Aspire 500w, black, Sold to Chapbass
$150 for 1, XFX Geforce 6800 8X AGP 128mb Sold on a different forum
$45 for 1, Linksys 802.11G Wireless Access Point Sold to Quail X10A
$20 for 4, Green Cooler Master 80mm fans, Sold to yokomo
$30 for 1, Geforce2 MX440 agp Sold to sweeper2
$165 for 1 GB 512mbX2 Sold on a different forum
6 for 1, Thermaltake 80mm A1442 Ducting Mod Sold to yokomo
$6 for 1, UV reactive Exhaust blower Sold to Monzi
$13 for 1, Vantec Spectrum PCI slot fansSold to Monzi
$20 for 1, Raidmax 350w PSU, Never Used Sold to VballCoach

Shipping available only in the continental US (48 states, not including Alaska nor Hawaii)
Non-CC Paypal or money order please

My Heatware (http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=35470)

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