View Full Version : From X850XT to 7800GT to X1800XT to 7900GT?

04-07-06, 10:07 AM
My faith in ATI is at an all time low
A brief History:
I have been an ATI fan for a long time.
I have also loathed Nvidia for:
1) putting 3dfx out of business
2) Their inferior IQ (in the past)
3) Their marketing stategies

These are the video card I've owned since my beloved Voodoo5:
Geforce 3 (for about a week)
Radeon 8500 (for about a 2 months before they had good drivers)
Geforce TI-4400
9700Pro (My reason for loving ATI and their AA that was just as good as 3dfx)
7800GT (for 2 weeks just as an experiment)
X1800XT 512MB

I have to admit, he 7800GT really surprised me. Nvidia has really improved their IQ, and their AA! I thought BF2 looked MUCH better on the 7800Gt than on my X850XT. The 7800s AA in BF2 was head and shoulders above ATIs (especially at long distances). For the most part the 7800GT was faster too. However, the 7800GT experienced a lot more slow downs in BF2 than the X850XT (especially in smoke).
So, when the 7900GT came out, I researched A LOT to decide between the X1800XT (for $289 for the 256MB or $339 for the 512MB), or one of the 7900GTs. I can't tell you how many times I've had one of every kind in my shopping cart. I'm actually killing myself with regret by not getting the EVGA CO for $299 at Newegg that I had in my cart on luanch day. Anyway, from all of the benchmarks I decided the X1800XT 512MB was the way to go.
I have to say, I'm not impressed at all with the X1800XT. The IQ is the exact same as the X850XT, and while it is faster, it doesn't impress me. I play BF2 at 12x9 with 4xAA now vice 10x7 with 4xAA (with the X850XT), but it doesn't look that much better. I really think the 7800GT looked better. I'm also very dissapointed with all the crap you have to go through just to play a damn game on the X1800XT. I have ATI tool to adjust the fan speed (because it doesn't adjust on it's own, and will overheat if I don't), and to OC, and voltage(for some reason this card is downclocked @1.2V in 2d, and is supposed to go to 1.4V in games when using CCC). Then I use ATI Tray tools to adjust settings (AA, AF, etc). The fan litterally sounds like a hairdyer on high. What the hell is going on? Is this what things have come to? Am I asking too much by wanting to boot up and just click on a game .exe and play? Don't even get me started on CCC - IT SUXXXXXX! Don't even try to say it's any good at all. It SUX, and ATI should be ashamed that they ever made it, and tried to make us use it. It uses up at least 10MB of ram, and how much space (including the POS .net that's REQUIRED)?

That's my opinion. If I get flamed, I get flamed.

So now, I'm thinking about the 7900GT. The other games I play are NHL06, Lock-On, and Falcon 4 AF - all of which seem to get better performance with Nvidia cards.
I am worried that the 2nd and 3rd round of 7900Gts won't overclock as well as the first round (especially the memory).
I've read the threads about people going from Nvidia to ATI, and saying the IQ is better on the ATI, but I just don't see it. Maybe we value different things.
I will say this: AA quality and performance is one of THE most important things to me. I don't even look at benchmarks without AA.


04-07-06, 10:19 AM
well most people say NV have the better AA quality.

and the drivers are supurb, if your after HQ AF though your looking at the wrong card.