View Full Version : Code 10 problem on vivo drivers

04-07-06, 12:11 PM
I play cod2, and i used to get 125 fps steady all hte time but since i reinstalled it i get 20-25 fps all the time i have the same settings as before i noticed on my gfoprce 6200, 256, that one of the componets had a yellow ! it said that the device could not start code 10, it was nvidia WDM video capture universal. Can i get some help?

04-07-06, 12:47 PM
after doing some investigating i noticed that the driver nycap.sys was not digately sighned and whenever i reinstalled the drivers i always get that the drivers did not pass windows logo testing and to get ones taht did any help?

04-07-06, 01:25 PM
Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1