View Full Version : ASTVision 5L colour problem

04-10-06, 06:07 AM
Hi. I had some problems with my old monitor.. so my dad got an ASTVision 5L CRT monitor from his office. The monitor runs fine.. but the colour is kinda screwed up.. everything looks brownish and has a "warm" shade. I tried to fix the problem by changing the colour settings in the nvidia setttings(i have a bigtek geforce 6200 agp card) but i can't get it done properly.
can anyone tell me any website where i can download the colour profile for this monitor(or give some other solution)? ast computers is no longer in business, and anyways their website(run by some other company) mentions nothing about monitors.
please help me!

04-10-06, 06:24 AM
If the color is messed up, the monitor is probably not "fine" as you say. (google) is your friend for looking for drivers.


It says the file is for Windows 98, but it could very well work for other OSes.

04-14-06, 04:35 AM
sorry for the late reply.
i downloaded the drivers and installed them... but it doesn't effect the colour in any way at all. one friend of mine told me that the monitor might be spoiled. while elsewhere i heard something about monitor's colour temperature setting.. there is no such button to change this setting in my monitor.
please help!