View Full Version : Get Audigy 2 over SoundMAX?

04-11-06, 06:41 AM
I've been happy with my onboard since I got the board but I wonder if I'll see any benefit picking up an Audigy 2 Value cheap. I'm mostly CPU limited in newer games at moderate resolutions (system in signature) and wondering if I'll ultimately see much real world benefit in the upgrade.

I'm not a major audiophile and I only have simple stereo speakers (though I might get 4 point at some stage, but I'd need a new desk first!).

I wouldn't think the SoundMAX even with multiple 3D voices could use more than 100 MHz of my CPU, but then again I know even with accelerated sound card, sound still isn't "free". So my net benefit might be equivalent to a 50 MHz overclock, which is nothing. That's just my estimation though... any advice?