View Full Version : Shader model 2.0 hdr 'hack', help him perfect it

04-12-06, 05:31 AM

that there be the thread. You wanted aa w/ hdr well he needs your help to perfect it. Well he really doesn't but getting the eprfect settings will help alot. Using this mode will of course allow you to use AA. enjoy =)

also make sure you backup any files you replace and your save games, as some bad uninstalls can and will most likely break your saves. If uninstalled properlly it works fine though. so do the backing up just to be safe.

04-12-06, 07:32 AM
looks like he's got the effect working but cant quite balance the light/dark contrast.

looks awesome in the screenies though even if its a bit over done in places.

EDIT: - runs like poo though.

04-12-06, 08:55 AM
did you make sure you turned off both bloom and hdr? if not then that might be why it runs like poo

04-12-06, 12:45 PM
I tried this with my 600GT and it does look really nice (after tweaking the shader file a bit) but it doesn't look that much better than Bloom+AA and considering the performance hit which is huge, i'd say it would have to be optimized a ton more before it's useful.