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04-12-06, 05:40 PM
hello all,
i have 2 7800GT's in SLI, a dual core AMD X2 4400+ with 2 gigs of RAM, and a strange problem. I experience a huge drop in fps, that reaches 17-18 fps, constantly, no ups/downs afterwards. This happens about 5-10 mins after i start a game. It happes both in stock clocks and higher. Temps are ok, my psu is ok. This occurs only in sli mode. If i close the game window and start it all over again i might play for another 5-10 minutes before dropping back to 17-18 fps. Any ideas? I use 84.21 x64 atm.

04-12-06, 05:47 PM
Just a shot in the dark...If you are running any other programs in the background turn them off. If that helps add the programs back one at a time until you find which one(s) are causing the problem.

Other things to check: PSU needs to put out around 30A on the +12V rail for a pair of GTs. Most good 500W PSUs can do this. Take the side panel off the case, you may not have good air flow through the case. I know you said your temps are OK but were you referring to the graphics card as well as the CPU?

04-12-06, 10:01 PM
For my information it most likely seems to be the tempurature. Let us know how high the temp is during games? If it is over 70 deg then that might be the case.

04-13-06, 03:22 AM
temperature reaches 62-65 degrees maximum, and the psu is capable of providing 32A on the 12V rail, that's the reason i think these factors are not significant. It's like all of a sudden my frames drop to 18 and stay there, no ups and no downs either. If i close the game and re-open it i might be able to play another 5-10 minutes before that happens again.

04-13-06, 08:34 AM
Yep get coolants and you should not have any problem. Most of the time i will just open both sides of the CPU case and have an extra large CPU fan to blow on the card.