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04-12-06, 05:44 PM
Hey guys, I have a Sceptre 20.1" NagaIII Widescreen LCD and it supports HDTV 1080i/p and I would like to know what the best VGA box is so that I can connect my DirectTV Receiver into it and Xbox 360/PS2/Gamecube!

I would like one that supports Component (ypbpr) and it would be awsome if it supported Composit and S-Video as well!

Thanks guys in advanced.

04-15-06, 02:36 PM
No one here knows what I'm talking about?

04-16-06, 12:45 AM

Nuff' said.

Mr. Hunt
04-16-06, 12:51 AM
When I bought my 360 from gamestop I picked up one they had... probably not the best quality (since it WAS a gamestop "brand" lol :\), but I like it... S-video is included and they even have ethernet ports so it can act as a sort of hub. Was only 20 bucks... will try to find it on the site.

EDIT: Pretty sure it was this one (http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=801888).