View Full Version : Digital vibrance being reset - 84.12

04-12-06, 06:24 PM
Hi everyone,

I just bought a 7900GT (upgraded from an AIW X800XT [I'm a regular poster over at Rage3D BTW]) and I've been very pleased with my first nVidia card since I owned an original GeForce DDR years ago. I've just been having one problem: My digital vibrance setting isn't saving, it's reset every time I restart my PC. Anyone know the cause of this? Is it a known problem with the 84.21 drivers, or is something up here?

I just want digital vibrance for my desktop, I don't need to use it in specific games or anything like that.


I meant 84.21 not 84.12 in the subject line.

04-12-06, 09:56 PM
my color settings dont change, however the icons I assign to my second display usually move to the primary on reboot, wich is really annoying, are you running any tweak programs?, I use cool bits, I know that some external tweak programs can override the control panel settings

04-13-06, 07:57 AM
I think something must have been bad with my initial install. I reinstalled the drivers and it seems to be saving now.