View Full Version : Keep this 19in LCD or get this one?

04-13-06, 08:42 AM
I got in on the great deal recently at CompUSA for this LCD:

Norwood Micro (http://www.compusa.com/products/product_info.asp?product_code=337513&pfp=cat3&tabtype=ts#moreinfo)

It has been pretty solid but pixels keep getting stuck each day and I have to unstick them. No dead pixels thankfully. However, the warranty is 1 year and that isn't that great. For a little bit more I could get this:

Viewsonic VP920B (http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=232504&ps=ho4)

It has a 3 year warranty and is probably better for gaming overall. Opinions?

04-13-06, 09:30 AM
get the Viewsonic.

04-13-06, 11:30 AM
Yeah, have a feeling I will be taking the Norwood back tomorrow.