View Full Version : Heroes of Might and Magic V Demo Available now!

04-13-06, 11:39 AM
Get the new demo now, This is supposly a better version then the beta that was released acouple months back, Ubisoft delayed the game due to majority of the fans requesting for it to be delayed.

Heres some links...

3D Gamers (http://www.3dgamers.com/games/heroesmightmagic5/downloads/)
Fileshack (http://www.fileshack.com/file.x?fid=8657)
Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+V+Demo/;4981162;/fileinfo.html)
Fileplanet (http://www.fileplanet.com/162410/160000/fileinfo/Heroes-of-Might-&-Magic-V-Demo)
Gamespot (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/heroesofmightandmagicv/download.html?sid=6147582)
Gamershell (http://gamershell.com/download_13278.shtml)

04-15-06, 01:33 PM
it keeps freezing my comp after 30-40mins of play,no other game does that for me so....took some time getting used to the 3d map,and resources/monsters/artifacts arent that easy to see on the map,nothing really stands out as they did in 2d.

04-15-06, 06:06 PM
I played it and I actually really liked it. It was actually quite fun.

04-16-06, 04:48 AM
Yeah, mush better than Heroes4 imho. I hope the final build will be good.
Graphics actually kicks ass imo, I was expecting something not so nice, but it looks awesome, and the VA's a re cool too.

Hard navigation though :/

04-16-06, 06:25 AM
Im loving the demo, It feels so much like the original two. I think the graphics are perfect for the world, colorful and detailed. I found it hard to navigate aswell originally but once I realized you could change the camera angle it didn't bother me at all.

04-16-06, 07:36 AM
hoping demo is not infected with StarForce?!?

04-16-06, 01:27 PM
Do you guys have any major slowdown when you change the camera angle in the campaign mission? I can just hope it is a bug that will get fixed in the final build... I find it hard to see this game have slowdown (only in that part btw) on a 7800GTX 512....

04-16-06, 01:53 PM
Nope, no slow down here with max ingame settings. For SLi the game runs smoother on SFR.

zampe, Ubisoft nolonger uses Starforce.

04-16-06, 01:56 PM
Yup, no Starforce for this.
According to Gamespot, Ubisoft is using an alternative copy protection system in all its upcoming releases. This means that Starforce will not be used in Heroes of Might and Magic V