View Full Version : Slight but annoying mouse lag - help needed

04-13-06, 02:04 PM
I've also posted this but in another thread. I made a new one because i didn't know this would be an issue when i started the other thread, therefore i didn't name it properly.

Anyway, i'm experiencing mouse lag with some D3D games. I fixed this by changing the "render x frames ahead" option from Coolbits.

However, i have this problem in OpenGL - Counter-Strike. It is, like i said, a very slight mouse lag, almost imperceptible, but it is there. I could probably get used to it in some time, but i don't want that... It's annoying and should not be there.

I have latest nForce drivers and Forceware installed. Fresh install of Windows XP SP2, up to date.

I'm using a USB wireless mouse that has worked flawlessly in my other system, and is pretty much new. I've also tried with a PS/2 wireless mouse, and that annoying lag is still there. This mouse has also worked (and still does) work great, it is used for CS daily in a friends machine. I'm also pretty certain that a corded mouse would have the same issue

Has anyone seen this before? Some help is greatly appreciated.

04-13-06, 04:39 PM
Do you have Vsync enabled? That will cause plenty of mouse lag.