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04-13-06, 03:28 PM
Bit old news internet wise. but like said before the source forum needs some love.

Everybody probably remembers neil mankes they hunger. It was probably one of the single best sinle player mods for HL. Well get ready to enjoy (http://manke.planethalflife.gamespy.com/bwg/game.htm) his newest next version. It's in the final stages. The screenshots are looking nice. right now they are in the process of inserting all the dialogue and working on the new char models and so forth.

Linky (http://manke.planethalflife.gamespy.com/bwg/game.htm)

04-13-06, 03:35 PM
sweet, any word on coop support?
and where the hell is my SC2? hehe

04-16-06, 12:22 AM
I like mods....
gives games a ****load of playability.

Shame most of them suck :(

Thanks for the linky!

04-19-06, 06:46 AM
they hunger supposed to go retail right?

04-22-06, 11:26 AM
they hunger supposed to go retail right?

Regarding the adoption of a commercial model for this production, Neil explained "Next generation game engines are so complex and detailed that we would never be able to invest so much time and resources for such an ambitious project any other way. Right now we are still working out the pricing and distribution options, but our goal is a low cost alternative so it can be available for just a fraction of other commercial games."