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04-13-06, 06:45 PM
So uh...I just got my shiny new copy of Cross Racing Championship 2005 in today. Ripped open the package, threw the DVD in, did a nice install. Then pops up that infamous "Protection needs restarting" or whatever Starforce crap. I'm like, "eh...no big deal...SC:CT did fine on my system...". I restart the computer. Guess what...

As XP loads I get a big, FAT, mother flipping, gosh damnination, son-of-a-three-squirrelled-rabbit, BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. A damn stop error...

Reboot after reboot I get it. I had to safe mode the machine and dig up the starforce removal tool. After I removed the Starforce drivers, guess what now?

Not a single problem booting up.

You know, with Trackmania Sunrise at least it didn't BSOD my machine unless I tried to start the game. With this damn version, I couldn't even start my computer!!!

I'll be damned if I'm going to be refered to Starforce again and be treated like a thief, I wonder if gogamer.com is going to work with me on this crap...

Just thought I'd share my continuing love of Starforce with you guys and add to the list of legal buyers that are being effected by the protection.

04-13-06, 08:35 PM
That really sucks. Just another display of SF being crap.

04-13-06, 11:56 PM
Boycott Starforce (http://www.glop.org/starforce/)


04-13-06, 11:58 PM
Boycott Starforce (http://www.glop.org/starforce/)


What? I can't here you? My ears are filled with BSOD.

04-14-06, 11:40 AM
Well they did have that thing if you could prove that SF messed up your system theyll pay for a trip to russia or whatever, go for it ;)

04-14-06, 01:11 PM
Well they did have that thing if you could prove that SF messed up your system theyll pay for a trip to russia or whatever, go for it ;)

I don't think he could prove it. I got a pirated copy of CRC2005 from a friend, mounted it in latest Daemon Tools, it installed the latest SF (whereby unplugging your optical drives won't help anymore, you also have to disable the IDE controller in Windoze to pass the check), rebooted the comp and all was alright, no BSODs. Played the game with the damned protection for free, then I uninstalled it cuz it sucked.

I still think these SF problems come down to whatever OTHER software you got running on your machine as I see me and the OP have pretty similar specs, yet he bsod'd and I didn't.

04-14-06, 01:34 PM
Well they did have that thing if you could prove that SF messed up your system theyll pay for a trip to russia or whatever, go for it ;)

That was just a scam. Plus, it had to cause PHYSICAL damage to your system. They specified which software you could have on your system and you had to pay your fare to and from Russia if you couldn't prove your case. Since it would be up to them, and since this would cause a great deal of problems if they were proved wrong, they would NEVER admit to it. Honestly, the company reminds me much more of a Russian warez group than a legit company.

Right now, the closest thing that I have loaded on my system that might be considered "warez friendly" would be Nero. No virtual drives, nothing. Last time I contacted the company they treated me like a criminal anyways, so they can kiss my ass. Its a shame they just can't use the same version that they used for SC: CT. I don't think that was ever cracked and it never caused me any harm, either...

04-15-06, 02:47 AM
I hear your pain. I just spent the past two days backing up my data and reinstalling windows after installing the SF protected Blazing Angels on my machine. The StarForce messed up my Autodesk C-Dilla licensing software, forcing me to do a system restore. While loading the pre-SF system restore windows bluescreened, giving me an error related to my Promise RAID controller.

Two days later, I am still getting things back up and running. Thanks to the asshats at StarForce, I am not going to buy one more stinking game unless it is clear that the game has no malware / copy protection.