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04-14-06, 01:55 AM
Appearantly, It's pretty much still vaporware...Just ran accross this blog....Maybe they will supprise us at E3 (YEAH RIGHT)....


Duke Nukem Forever: Still Vaporware
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Gamasutra has the scoop on Duke Nukem Forever (And Ever And Ever), that ten-year boondoggle that has been the toast of Wired News' Vaporware Awards since their inception. Apparently, even after all this time, the FPS is still in the "early" stages:

...the update describes the current state of the title, which was viewed at 3D Realms' Texas studios: "mainly just pieces of the game in progress and tech demos", including "an early level, a vehicle sequence, a few test rooms", among others.

04-14-06, 02:43 AM
george said that is false, that the magazine would only do prey for a cover if they showed them duke nukem, so he showed them tech demos only. They did not show them any of the actual game.

It's one of the reasons we've been so quite about the game. We really don't want to show until the videos can do the talking, and we just answer some questions.

What was shown was a series of internal test maps that we use. We call them 'zoo' maps. We have maps for characters, or vehicles, or interactive objects (100's), etc. Maps that show off breaking glass, or physics, or whatever.

So it's not entirely safe to assume the state of a game, based entirely on what we showed. I almost bailed on the whole demo and cancelled the thing, becuase I don't like being told "they want to see DNF in order to secure a cover for Prey", by a publisher, but I did it anyway.

Mr. Hunt
04-14-06, 02:56 AM
It's BS if the magazine made them do that... Prey is looking awesome no matter what, but they have to dick around and demand to be shown DNF? Bull****

04-14-06, 03:00 AM
what I came away from reading the whole thread of back and forths between the eprson who saw all the 'zoo' maps, and tech demos, is basically that visually duke won't be sub par. the engine is setup so that shaders for the latest bells and whistles can be added all the time. At the same time it is 'tech complete' so that the new bells and whistles don't make them have to redo content. And that basically it is very very true to the ways of the old duke. In fact the guy basically said he came out of it being more hyped then he had ever been before. These other sites are sorta just making it into controversy for clicks.

Question: So TC, how did you feel about the game, from a gamer's perspective accounting for its unpolished state. What kind of potential did it have and how would you rate it lookwise vis-a-vis the up and comers of the next-gen crop?

That's a great question, Kalki. I'm accustomed to trying to be dispassionate about previews and letting the developers' words speak for them.

Like most of you guys, I'm really excited for 3DR to get another game out, but after seeing what they're doing, I'm even more excited. It's partly that they were showing some impressive stuff, but I think it's mainly how true they're being to the Duke Nukem I remember. It was really encouraging to see how clearly they're still able to express the stuff that made Duke great. Because in the end, being next-gen doesn't mean beans to me if you're not able to do anything memorable with it.

I don't anticipate this is going to be a shortcoming of DNF.