View Full Version : Condemned and SLI

04-14-06, 05:40 AM
Hi folks,

Just wondering those who have Condemned, what SLI profile are you using or what settings?

Does anyone know if the newer drivers contain a profile for it?

04-14-06, 06:16 AM
Scroll to the bottom of the page.


04-14-06, 06:26 AM
Your a star, cheers bud....

It was using SFR mode, can tell by the odd white flicker line in middle of the screen.

Oddly, I recall we had the same problem with Fear at one stage.

04-15-06, 04:19 PM
I dont have it yet , but i recommend the same FEAR SLI profile.

04-19-06, 06:36 AM
in condemned demo, even after trying to set AFR in the profile, the game still will use SFR

04-19-06, 07:13 AM
You have to use the alt-tab method to override it. It was the same way with FEAR initially.

04-19-06, 02:46 PM
Hmmm i dont know what you people are doing , but i never needed that alt-tab trick to get AFR work in FEAR :confused:

04-19-06, 02:58 PM
I did initially but it got sorted out in one of the driver versions, although I don't recall which one. This issue seems the same and probably will go away once they add a predefined profile (hopefully anyway).